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Valet Computing Services for the Macintosh Platform

Serving the Southern Berkshire Tristate Area (MA-CT-NY) since 1993



The best thing you can do for your computer!

What is Memory? Do I need more for my Music & Photos? No.

Visualize your kitchen, Computer memory is like the countertop where you do your work, not enough is a hassle, too much is never a problem.

The computer's Hard Drive is storage like your kitchen cabinets. Stored on the HardDrive are the Operating System, Programs, and any files you make on the computer. Applications are equivalent to appliances such as coffee machine, blender etc.

MacAnnex recommends a minimum of Eight GB in any computer running Mac OS X 10.8x

When you call we will help you figure out your current memory and upgrade potential.

MacAnnex memory prices include installation, all modules come with lifetime warranty when installed by MacAnnex.