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Valet Computing Services for the Macintosh Platform

Serving the Southern Berkshire Tristate Area (MA-CT-NY) since 1993


Drop Off

This service is for those gnarly hardware problems, and lengthy software upgrades such as moving to OS X for the first time.

We have contracted with the Barrington Pack & Ship at 67 State Street, Great Barrington, (tel:413-645-3091), to provide convenient drop off, pickup, and payment services for MacAnnex customer's.

The staff at BP&S are experts at looking after other peoples property, and preparing items for shipping around the world, try them.

Please call 528-3665 first, to discuss whether and when to use this service, also for instructions as to what items to bring in so MacAnnex can serve you best.

Bench fee $90/hour

For equipment under warranty:

Local Apple Authorized Service;

 MadMacs 413-445-5858

Apple: 1-800-275-2273